Escape Rooms — The Ultimate Family Activity?

Ever since their inception in 2007, escape rooms have seen explosive growth in the industry with each passing year. There are thousands of escape rooms worldwide and they’ve quickly become a popular group activity. Attracting and catering to people of all age groups, escape rooms have secured their position as one of the best interactive games known to us today.

Change your pace from the movie nights or the normal every day activities, here’s how Mountain Time Escape Rooms can keep you and your family entertained at all times!

Family that just finished the Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge Escape Room
After game picture of a Family who just finished Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge.

Actually Be In The Movie

Imagine being in your favorite adventure movie story. You’re the main character and it’s time to get to work! Unlike computer simulated games, escape rooms let you live in the moment. You don’t press a button to exit a door, you actually need to put in mental and physical effort. Escape rooms are realer than any movie and that’s what makes them so much fun!

Have you tried the Boreas’Revenge escape room? It’s a survival challenge where you must alert Rescuers in time to escape an impending avalanche. So you must work as a family by communicating with each other to escape the cabin.  You have cell phone no service out at the cabin, so you need to be clever to escape.

Bonding with Your Family in Our Private Escapes

We have Private Rooms only to ensure your family a safe and fun environment!  Our escape rooms’ unique setting and design ensure that all participants work together as a team to complete an adventure. This unique element offers a great bonding experience and team­-building exercise where each member of the family has something they can contribute. It’s a nice break from the mundane board games you play at home!

Family fun cabin escape room in Breckenridge Colorado
Family that just escaped the cabin at Mountain Time Escape Rooms.

It’s Fun for Everybody!

It’s quite rare to be able to find an activity that the entire family can enjoy, or be included in. Escape rooms offer an immersive environment where every single participant, no matter what age, can join in and have fun. They work together to solve puzzles by finding clues in order to complete the mission. The adrenaline rush you get from our escape rooms is just one of the many amazing reasons why you should make a booking now!

Looking for fun family activities in Breckenridge? Well, look no further because Mountain Time Escape Rooms is here to keep you on your toes! Browse through our escape room packages; Boreas’ Revenge, The Search for Sasquatch and Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge and pick one that you love!

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