Escape Room Adventures for Large Groups

Team building in breckenridge

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An Out-Of-The-Box Team Building Adventure That’ll Leave Your Crew Buzzing
Our escape rooms in Breckenridge are a blast and a fantastic way to strengthen your team’s bond. Picture this: your colleagues joining forces, communicating, and collaborating to crack the code and complete the mission.
Unite and Conquer

Escape Room Adventures for
Teams of All Sizes!

Whether your team is 2 or 101, we can help you plan and organize your group. We have a few options for you and your Team!

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family and friends

Great for:

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Family Reunions 
  • Wedding Parties

Have fun and enjoy each others company while having an adventure!

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corporate team building in breckenridge

  • For a True Competition: Choose the same room and play back-to-back. See which team “works” better together. Compare the hints used and the time it took to play!
  • For a Fun, Relaxed Style: Choose two or more rooms, and see who uses more hints and finishes in less time. All of our rooms are about at the same level.
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big foot footprint

Elevate Your Escape

Combine Thrilling escape room Activities with Local Breckenridge Partners for an Unforgettable Experience!

Our rooms can hold 37 players simultaneously, while the others enjoy other local activities.

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go on your first adventure right now!

Find the sasquatch footprint around our site. Can you tell how many footprints are there in this page?

round up your squad, take on the escape room challenge, and watch as you all grow closer and stronger as a unit. you'll get to know each other even better along the way!

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Where to find our Rooms

all locations within 5 minute walk

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