Have you ever wanted to be in the video game, movie or story?

You have just discovered Mountain Time Escape Rooms!  Breckenridge's authentic interactive adventure escape room!   Locally owned and operated at Main Street Station in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Our escape rooms are designed especially for Breckenridge -
using visuals and sound effects to really interact with you as you play!  

 Come try to escape Boreas’ Revenge!  
You and your team will get a role in the escape game, find elements/clues,
then use your wits, communication skills along with teamwork in order to escape and win!
Your escape game will bring you fun challenges along with laughs, thrills and conversations for days!

We are open daily 9 am to 10 pm, reservations are recommended
or just stop by say “Hi!” and check us out!
Be In The Adventure Game!

Can You Escape?

What is our Escape Room?

Filled with Audio and Visual Effects to really immerse you in the game - Our escape rooms are themed rooms that you will need to work together with other players in order to escape or win.  Seek clues, put items together and answer questions.  You will have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

Who plays?

For 2 to 10 players who want to challenge and stretch their mind!   A great bonding activity for family, friends, date nights, bachelorette/bachelor or birthday parties, co-workers and teammates.  We have designed a great game for all ages to work together to complete one mission!

Immersive Challenges

Test your wits and communication skills with our immersive escape room challenges! For our Boreas' Revenge game- We have made an indoor 400 square foot cabin for your experience!  Also, the "rescuers" will actually communicate with you to help you with your escape!  

Alternative Fun

Are you always looking for a thrilling challenge?  Need something to do before the drive home?  This is an exciting morning, afternoon or night alternative that is held indoors, here for those always looking for a new adventure!

Why we're unique

At Mountain Time Escape Rooms we have designed an authentic Breckenridge themed interactive escape room by using visuals and sound effects to really put you in the game!   We have themed our games, puzzles, and rooms especially for Breckenridge.  Plus, our rooms are spaciously constructed to make sure everyone has room to explore and a task!

Boreas' Revenge  
an Avalanche
Survival Cabin

Max 10 People - For Larger Groups Please Call

You all decide to rent the ultimate mountain cabin.  With no phones, no computers, no televisions; just you all and the great outdoors!  After a long journey to your cabin, the worst happens… AVALANCHE!  Snowbound- you search the cabin for useful items to alert rescuers to help you escape the cabin and get back to civilization?
Can you escape and survive?!

Survival Escape

Players will need to work together, and use their wits while they search the cabin, gather supplies and answer rescuers questions to help them survive and win in 60 minutes! 

Survival Level:
Record Time
24:32 Minutes Left

Local and large group discounts available!