3 Locations on Main Street
* All are Private Experiences *

Our goal is to give you an experience you will remember for a lifetime!  
You will be immersed into the scene by using Storylines, Multiple Rooms in each Adventure and Special Effects you can find in the movies or large theme parks.  

Choose from 4 of our fun filled themes:
Help Zoltar get his functions back,
trap ghost from Breck's past,
escape your Avalanched Cabin
or prove Sasquatch exists...
All Adventures are for every Level: First Timer
to Enthusiast - Made for Your Experience!

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Be in the Adventure Game!

Your Choice of 4 Themes

Choose from 3 Authentic Escape Rooms made just for your Breckenridge Experience!   All are made for the First Time Escape to Enthusiast, which can include:

  • Highly Themed, Multiple Rooms for Breckenridge
  • Sound and Visual Effects - May Include: Holograms, Animatronic or Computer Generated Imagery
  • 60 Minutes to Complete Each Adventure
  • Indoor Activity

We are here for indoor entertainment year round - morning, night, during rain, shine or snow!

Fun For All Ages

We have 4 great games for all ages to come together and accomplish experiences you may not have in real life.  Designed to where anyone can contribute and have that sense of accomplishment!  A great bonding activity for:

  • Families - Family Reunions - Young Families
  • Friends Outing
  • Date Nights
  • Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties
  • Co-Workers or Teammates for Team Building

This is an exciting experience, in Breckenridge, that will have everyone talking and laughing for days!

Story Driven Challenges

Custom made story driven challenges for your Breckenridge Escape Adventure:

  • Each puzzle theme and storyline to go with your Breckenridge experience
  • We built a whole Forest Area, Cabin and a Mysterious House all indoors for your adventure!  

Imagine being trapped in a whole Cabin or searching a Forest Scene or searching for ghosts to trap! 

Your Unique Experience

Your unique experience is our number one priority!

  • A game everyone will participate in and enjoy.
  • Everyone will have a role and a chance to solve everything.
  • An authentic adventure for your time in the Town of Breckenridge
  • We cater each game to your group - from hints to jokes.

Celebrate with Us

Is there a Special Occassion you are looking to Celebrate?  Let us know a head of time to make the experience extra special.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Gender Reveals

Create a Fun Memorable Time with Escape Room Entertainment 

Are you looking for an adventure and a fun-filled time? Create some long-lasting memories with your friends and family with Mountain Time Escape Rooms! Mountain Time Escape Rooms will take care of all your adventure cravings. Our entertaining Escape Rooms are fun-filled and are fully equipped with amazing sound effects and impressive set designs to immerse you in the experience. We cater to the need to socialize and make memories with your colleagues and friends when you’re looking for some fun. One of our interactive indoor games involves computer-generated imagery, our other rooms include animatronics and holograms.

Families, coworkers, and friends in Breckenridge, Colorado can now join the adventurous and fun activities being offered by Mountain Time Escape Rooms. Sprawled across 3 different locations in Breckenridge, Mountain Time Escape Rooms has called Breckenridge home since 2016, and has established itself as a fan favorite in this short span of time. We’ve designed our escape rooms in such a way that you have a memorable time with your friends, family, or colleagues. Arrange a fun-filled corporate event for your coworkers, have a blast at your bachelor/bachelorette party or just come along with your friends!

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