Be in the adventure!

Be in the Adventure Game!

What Are Our Escape Rooms?

Our two Breckenridge-themed rooms consists of stories, decorations and techonogy to immerse you in the game. You will need to work together with others to successfully complete the adventures.  Seek clues, solve upgraded/unique puzzles and answer questions.  You'll have 60-minutes to complete each of your adventures!

Who plays?

For 2 to 10 players - A great bonding activity for family, friends, date nights, bachelorette, bachelor or birthday parties, co-workers and teammates.  We have designed great games for all ages to come together and accomplish one or two fun adventure!

Immersive Challenges

Both of our Rooms are mutli room games - Imagine being trapped in a whole cabin or searching a campsite.. Using CGI, Sound Effect and Animatronics to bring you surprises and special effects.
We also built a whole campsite and cabin indoors for your great adventure.

Alternative Fun

Looking for something everyone will enjoy doing and participate in? Or needing to find an indoor activity?
This is an exciting experience that will have everyone talking for days! We have crafted our games so everyone has a role and chance to solve everything, by using communication and outside the box thinking.

Why we're unique

Our experience have fun immersive challenges that will have you laughing, jumping with excitment and fun surprises through out the game!
Muilt-Room Experiences - Breckenridge Themed -Animatronics - Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and sound effects to really put you in the game! 

Boreas' Revenge  
An Avalanche
Survival Cabin

Max 10 People - For Larger Groups Please Call
For ALL AGES - Tour of room before game is possible.**

You all decide to rent the ultimate mountain cabin.  With no phones, no computers, no televisions; just you all and the great outdoors!  After a long journey to your cabin, the worst occurs… AVALANCHE!  Snowbound- you search the cabin for useful items to alert rescuers to help you escape the cabin and get back to civilization?
Can you escape and survive?!

Survival Escape

Players will need to work together, and use their wits while they search the cabin, gather supplies and answer rescuers questions to help them survive and win in 60 minutes! 

Survival Level:
Record Time
24:32 Minutes

Local and large group discounts available!

the search for sasquatch  

Max 8 People - For Larger Groups Please Call
This room has low lighting. May not be suitable for children under the age of 8.
Tour of room before hand is possible.**

After seeing the Local News Report about Bigfoot being in your area...
Curiosity soon gets the best of you. The search is on!
Can you take a picture to prove Bigfoot is out there without scaring him away?

Mystery Escape

Players will need to work together and use their wits while they search around the dusk campground, gather evidence and finally grab the shot (picture) before scaring Big Foot away..

Survival Level:
Record Time
0 Minutes Left

Local and large group discounts available!