Our Rooms

Have you ever wanted to be in the video game, movie or story?

Here at Mountain Time Escape Rooms we use visuals and sound effects to really immerse you in the scene as you play!!  You and your team will receive a role in the escape game, find elements/clues, then use your wits, communication skills along with teamwork in order to escape and win in 60 minutes!
Your escape game will bring you fun exciting challenges along with laughs, thrills
and conversations for days!

We are open daily 9 am to 10 pm. Reservations are recommended!

Be In The Adventure Game!

Survival Cabin

Max 10 People - Please call for Larger Groups

You and your friends decide to take the ultimate mountain vacation!  With no modern technology around- no phones, computers or televisions; just your friends, skis and the beautiful outdoors!  After a large snowfall, the worst happens… AVALANCHE!  Snowbound- you and your friends search the cabin for useful items to help escape and get back to civilization…
Can you escape and survive?!

Survival Escape

Players will need to search the cabin, gather supplies, find coordinates, and fix up objects.  Work together and use items to escape!

Record time:
36 Minutes Left
Adventure Level:

Locals and large group discounts available

the search for sasquatch  
-Now open-

Max 8 People - For Larger Groups Please Call

The local news just showed a story that Big Foot is in your area - You decided to go on the search yourself! Can you gather evidence, track down Sasquatch and get his picture for proof before scaring him away?

Investigative/Discovery Escape

Players will need to work together and use their wits while they search around the campground, gather supplies and figure out how to track down Sasquatch/Bigfoot!

Adventure Level:

Local and large group discounts available!