4 Reasons to Host Your Next Corporate Event at the MountainTime Escape Rooms

We even offer shirts after your cabin escape – All sizes for your team!

When it comes to corporate events, it’s usually difficult to pick something beyond a formal dinner. Corporate get-togethers are a great opportunity for you to get to know your colleagues a little better but sitting through a 2-hour movie won’t help your case much.
If you want to try something unique for your annual event, try our escape rooms! Packed with some exciting challenges, our adventure games will let you break the ice with all those staff members you’ve always wanted to talk to but didn’t know what to say.

Why choose Mountain Time Escape Rooms?

1. We Welcome Everyone

The more, the merrier. Our rooms have a capacity of 8 people on a regular basis but for special events, we can prepare a private booking for you and your colleagues. The best part is that our rooms are designed to cater to people of all age groups, so you don’t have to worry about the games appealing to your senior managers.

2. You Can Personalize It

We offer three exciting themed-rooms that are guaranteed to cater to everyone’s taste. However, to add a more personal touch to the adventure, you can always tell us about any specific objects, presents or inside jokes that you’d want to incorporate into the escape. You can also opt for prizes and rewards from our add-on section to customize your challenges. We’ll make sure you and your colleagues get to experience a room that’s memorable for all!

3. We’re Different

We’re not just any indoor sport. Our challenges are highly immersive and you won’t even be able to tell how the time flew by (literally). At our 3 Breckenridge locations, we’ve built an entire forest area, a cabin and a mysterious house to give you that live-action fun you’ve been craving!  We’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure everything looks realistic and we continue to design rooms that stay close to the themes you like.

4. You Can Visit Us Any Time of the Year

Want to experience snow in the summer? No problem. Come rain or hail, our escape rooms are all built indoors in safe spaces that let you enjoy an immersive challenge without any qualms. Now you can host your annual corporate event at any time of the year!
Pre-book your escape room adventure with us today and tailor the challenges for an exceptional corporate gathering. Experience the fun with Boreas’ Revenge—an avalanche survival cabin challenge, The Search for Sasquatch—a curious search to photograph BigFoot, Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge—an attempt to trap and banish spirits for good.
Please make your advanced booking by calling 970-423-6556 or booking on our website www.MountainTimeEscapeRooms.com You can also email for more information at info@MountainTimeEscapeRooms.com.

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