Add-Ons and Partners

Team Building

Want to wow your team with a unique Team Building Experience? 

Escape rooms can help build your Team by having a fun experience together that requires your colleagues to work and communicate with one another in order to accomplish the mission.  Gather your team, work together to complete the mission in time all while getting to know each other a little better.

Whether your team is 2 or 101 we can help you plan and organize your group.  We have a few options for you and your Team from:

Great for 2 to 12 Players:

Great for Over 8 Players:

  • For a True Competition - Choose the same room and play back to back.  See which team "works" better together.  Compare hints used and time it took to play!  Pair this with a Haunted Tour of Breckenridge or a visit to the Continental Divide Winery while the others are escaping.
  • For a Fun Relaxed Style: Choose two rooms, see who uses more hints and finishes in less time.  All of our rooms are about at the same level.

Looking for a certain activity to pair with your escape?  Let us know - We have partnered with many local businesses around Breckenridge to help plan your escape!

For Larger Groups our rooms can hold 28 to 30 players at one time playing while the others are enjoying other local activities.