Frequently Asked Questions

When do we arrive? what if Running Late?

Please arrive at your schedule time.  We have made the time slots to where there is no need to come early.

If you are running late please call 970-423-6556 and we can help you out as best as we can, depending on your situation. Since we are a Live Experience - We do not provide Refunds or accept Cancellations.

2 Hour Free Parking located Underground in Main Street Station - Read Parking FAQ below for details on how to use the Parking Garage to gain the 2 Hour Free Parking or just call 970-423-6556 for immediate answers.

Pricing for All PRivate Rooms

Private Bookings -
You will have the room to yourself with your family and friends. Click Book Now for exact prices and live game times.

Pricing is tiered will vary by number of people playing, which equals out to be:
2 to 4 Players $168 per Private Room
5 to 10 Players $42 per Person for Private Room

Under 18 Requires an Adult to Play with the Group.
Please feel free to call and ask us questions at 970.423.6556 or 

Cancellations and Reschedules

Just like you are buying LIVE concert tickets - we do not refund tickets this is a LIVE experience.  Please give us a call if running late to discuss options or if you need to reschedule please call 12 hours in advance @ 970.423.6556

Who can play - Is there an Age Requirement?

Waiver is Required for ALL Players - Click Here to Complete Waiver

For 2 to 9/10 players.  Anyone who is up for an exciting challenge! Great for family, friends, date night, bachelorette/bachelor parties, corporate and team building activities!  We are even Wheelchair Accessible at the Avalanche Cabin and The Search for Sasquatch.

Please call or email for information for groups more than 10 at 970.423.6556 or email info@MountainTimeEscapeRooms.

All ages are welcome that love puzzles and games, but we do recommend 6 years and older to enjoy the game and puzzles.  We have made all of games to where you do not need to know any out side information, so everyone has a fair chance at solving.

** Players under 18 Requires an Adult to Play with the Group.  Please call if someone in your party is 5 or under - We would love to give you a great deal to make sure everyone can come!  Please call 970-423-65

Where are you located? Do You have Parking?

We now have 3 Locations around Breckenridge with 1 Theme at each location.

We are conveniently located at 505 South Main Street in Main Street Station Breckenridge along with 226 South Main Street, walking distance from most places, also along the Breck Free Ride bus system along the Main Street Trolley, Brown Route and Blue Route.

Boreas' Revenge is located in Suite B2b between Bold Restaurant and The Cheese Shop of Breckenridge.
The Search for Sasquatch is in Suite C3 located by Simply Massage and Quandry Grille.

The Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge
located at 226 South Main Street upstairs in a Yellow Building.

***FREE 2 hour parking available under Main Street Station just use the kiosk or the app through Breck Park to access.  The Paranormal has street parking through Breck Park - Please read street signs when parking.***

Which Theme should we Pick?

Currently we have three great adventures to choose from: Boreas' Revenge - An Avalanche Cabin and The Search for Sasquatch and our newest The Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge

All three themes are made so any novice or expert player can enjoy their time at Mountain Time Escape Rooms. The Avalanche Cabin is the easiest (60% success rate) with the Search for Sasquatch (50% success rate) being our most challenging, but all are enjoyable for any level.  Pick how you want to play - No Hints, 3 Hints or even Unlimited. This is your adventure!

Do you have Discounts?

Yes! We always have a few discounts for Military, Locals and for playing Multiple Rooms with us.

Please call to inquire about discounts @ 970-423-6556

Is the escape room scary?

No, not scary! We are a family-friendly adventure room.

But our Search for Sasquatch does have LOW lighting! We have built an outdoor forest scene just for your adventure - even has a campfire, which might help you see in the dusk!

Do you offer corporate and team building games?

Yes, both of our escape games have puzzles and tasks that will take multiple players to complete - So teamwork and communication is a MUST!

Feel free to give us a call 970.423.6556
or email to discuss your Teambuilding Experience!

Do you accept walk ins?

Reservations ONLY until May 9th, 2021 - Click "Book Now"

Where can i find our After game Picture?

Your picture will be posted on our Facebook page. You may find them by click here which will lead you to our Facebook Page.