About Mountain Time Escape Rooms

Built from the Floor Up

December 15, 2017

We custom designed and built our room for the Town of Breckenridge!

The Theme We Went With: Boreas' Revenge - An Avalanche Cabin

  1. We thought of an escape room game just for Breckenridge
  2. Found awesome original Prop Designers to help us bring the story to life! All of our Props are Custom made just for this location.
  3. Then asked the BEST Contractor in Breckenridge (Rob Andersen and his Crew) if they would help us build the escape room (cabin)

The process took longer than we were expecting - from October 2016 to March 2017, but came out exactly how we wanted! From the theme to the game flow to the construction and decor of the cabin we could not be anymore thankful on how this adventure turned out!

Before - October 2016

After - March 2017

The Authentic Breckenridge Escape Game - Be in Adventure Game!