4 Reasons Why You Need to Try Out Mountain Time Escape Rooms Challenges

July 12, 2020

Today, there are thousands of escape rooms worldwide. Their growing popularity among all age groups has rendered them the newest trend in the world of entertainment.  We have put our heart and souls into our escape rooms to become one of the top in the country.

If you’re located in Colorado, you’ve got to give our escape rooms in Breckenridge a try! Why us, you ask?  Here is four reasons why we are one of the best escape rooms to host your event or bonding time.

Reason #1  We Offer Three Uniquely Themed Rooms

Not one, not two, but three completely different escape rooms that offer everyone a little something to match their taste. Our avalanche survival cabin challenge called Boreas’ Revenge is a great introductory game for beginners who are new to the escape room scene. Next in line are The Search for Sasquatch—a quest to find BigFoot and capturing its picture before scaring it away—and the Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge—an attempt to help a local resident summon and trap pesky ghosts and spirits.

Reason #2  We Let You Customize Your Adventure!

Want to go somewhere special for date night? Do you have a bachelorette party or a corporate event to celebrate? Well, our escape rooms are the ideal place to enjoy yourself. We normally accommodate up to 10 players per room, but if you call us at 970-423-6556 for an advance booking, we’ll let you rent out a private escape room suited for your guests.

Plus, you can always inform us about special presents or objects symbolizing inside jokes and we’ll happily incorporate them into the adventure for you!

Reason #3  We’re More Than Just an Escape Room

We make each adventure unique to your group, from storyline to ending!  We supply the adventure while you create it by figuring it our in your own unique way. Besides creating a memorable time for you, we are also recognized around the United States as one of the top escape rooms! Check out This Review by Escape Authority on our Search for Sasquatch Room - We were also in the running for Reader's Key - Favorite Venue 2020.   We made it to Round 3 against some pretty amazing escape rooms around the United States. Thank you all for your support!  Your feedback is how we improve our games and game mastering skills.

Reason #4  All Reservations are Private for YOUR Group Only!

Each escape room is located at its own location to ensure your group only during your adventure.

  • Avalanche Cabin is located at 505 South Main Street Suite B2b in Main Street Station Plaza
  • The Search for Sasquatch is located at 505 South Main Street Suite C3 in Main Street Station Plaza
  • The Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge is located at 223 South Main Street #4 & 5 upstairs in a Yellow Building

Ready for Some Fun?

Please make you book in advance! To reserve your escape room click Book Now (above) on our website or just call 970-423-6556 and we can help you prepare the perfect escape room adventure for you and your group.